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Dr. Stefan Mederle-Hoffmeister


Dr. Stefan Mederle-Hoffmeister studied Physics and minored in IT at the University in Augsburg. Upon his graduation as physicist, he wrote his dissertation at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids based in Dresden and simultaneously conferred his doctorate at the Technical University in Dresden.

Subsequently, he did his training in intellectual property accompanied by a study “law for patent attorneys” at the Open University in Hagen and a two-months internship at the Patent Litigation Chamber of the Regional Court I of Munich. After a practical training period at the German Patent and Trademark Office and at the Federal Patent Court in Munich, he received his accreditation as German Patent Attorney and Representative before the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market. The accreditation as Representative before the European Patent Office followed.

The professional work of Mr. Dr. Stefan Mederle-Hoffmeister ranges from the whole area of intellectual property, technical emphasis lies on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics and material knowledge, semi-conductor technology as well as packaging technology. He is in cooperation with our office.

Foreign languages: English

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