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      at Innovations«
  • »Good Ideas need Comprehensive 
      Protection and Strict Enforcement«
  • »Excellent Service Counts«
  • »Sm@rt Solutions
      For Our Clients«
  • »Competence and Diversity
      combined in a proactive Approach«
  • »Worldwide and 
      Dynamic Networks«
  • »IP protects Innovations,
      PATGUARD protects your IP«



Our lawyers and patent attorneys form an ambitious team of highly qualified legal and technical experts.  Their legal expertise covers a broad spectrum of law and their technical expertise includes a wide range of technical fields.

The close cooperation of our patent attorneys and lawyers, hand in hand in one office, provides successful client oriented solutions even of the most complex technical and legal cases.

Our patent attorneys work with an experienced team of technical specialists, translators, and multi-lingual employees allowing us the flexibility to react quickly and thoroughly to the needs of our clients.

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