Employment Lawyers Laconia NH

Whether you’re a business owner seeking employment consulting or are an employee who has been discriminated against, the employment lawyers from Rice Law Office in Laconia, NH can be a great source of legal information. If you need to speak with an employment lawyer from Rice Law Office in Laconia, NH, please call 603-528-5299.
In these challenging economic times, employers need to maintain a lean and efficient bottom line. In order to do so, employers need to establish and maintain sound, compliant employee practices. The fact is, one law suit from an employee can be all it takes to tip the balance of success you've worked so hard to maintain.
The growing number of State and Federal employment laws are difficult to keep up with and failure to comply can result in devastating consequences, especially to a small business. The thought of spending ‘unnecessary' money on handbooks and training can seem impractical on a tight budget. Some business owners turn to templates off the internet, knowing they aren't New Hampshire compliant, but hoping they are ‘close enough'. Others lie awake at night wondering, “what's the worst that can happen?” until “it” happens, and they learn that the cost of preventive advice was trivial compared to the cost and stress of litigation. The employment lawyers from Rise Law Office in Laconia, NH can help you prevent this type of issue from occurring.
Oftentimes, businesses learn about posting requirements for discrimination and wage laws or even how to properly hire and fire employees after it's too late. Most mistakes could have been easily prevented through training, documentation and well developed complaint policies. Don’t be of the percentage of business owners who learn how to protect themselves after they have had to pay out in a lawsuit. Call Rice Law Office today at 603-528-5299.
If you have been the victim of discrimination, on the basis of your age, race, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or marital status, or if you have been the target of defamation or sexual harassment, breach of contract or wrongful termination, the attorneys at Rice Law can help. The employment lawyers in their Laconia, NH office welcome your phone call to discuss the details of your case.
New Hampshire is an “employment at will” state which means that without an employment contract you can be terminated at any time, for any reason, with our without notice. However, there are some limitations to this. You cannot be terminated in violation of the law on the basis of a protected class, like age, race, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or marital status. You can't be treated unfairly, harassed, punished or terminated for these reasons or for taking advantage of your rights under workers compensation, family medical leave act or a host of other state and/or federal laws.
If you have been treated unfairly at work or have been discriminated against, please contact the employment lawyers from Rice, Law Office by calling 603-528-5299. Rice Law Office is in your corner, and stands ready to fight for your rights.
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Employment Lawyers Laconia NH

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