Interruptions at the EPO, EUIPO and GPTO due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Currently, all deadlines set by the EPO have been extended until at least June 2, 2020 due to the current circumstances. Deadlines at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property have been extended until May 18, 2020. The GPTO extended deadlines until May 4, 2020. The three Offices will handle reinstatements and extensions of deadlines generously. Forthcoming oral proceedings and hearings are postponed, however, this is handled differently, with our without a new date in future. We assume that in future, in particular oral proceedings in the first instances will be held by video conferences.

All Courts that are relevant for our office have adapted an emergency operation mode. Some District Courts do, however, still allow proceedings within the framework of interim measures such as preliminary injunctions.