Family Law Attorney Coral Springs Fl

Scott J. Brook is the community’s ‘go-to’ attorney for issues relating to divorce, custody, visitation, domestic violence, and restraining orders. Our family law attorney in Coral Springs, FL, offers excellent representation to his clients at an affordable fee.

How are debts divided in a divorce?

In a divorce case, the court sees debts and assets alike. The judge usually divides the debts of a couple based on an equitable distribution approach. The court or couple will decide on what properties are separate, and what are marital, and then assign a monetary value to each item. You may also hire professional appraisers to determine the values of your assets. For evaluating the financial assets like retirement accounts, you may have to hire a C.P.A. or an actuary.

To arrive at a fair property award, the judge will usually divide a couple’s debts equitably. If one of the partners in a divorce case has a lucrative career than the other spouse, the higher-earning spouse will most likely have to bear most of the couple’s debts.

Benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer

Divorce attorneys are professionals with legal expertise and several of experience. They have a thorough understanding of the divorce laws and can help you get the most beneficial terms out of your divorce. Also, having a lawyer work for you can save you from an enormous amount of stress.

Furthermore, cases relating to divorce and other family law issues can involve piles of paperwork. Our family law attorney in Coral Springs, FL, can help you understand and fill out the paperwork correctly and help you submit them on time.

How can a family law attorney help you?

Family lawyers specialize in matters relating to family law and excel at handling legal issues between members of the family. Here are ways in which a family lawyer can help you:

  • Handling divorce and child custody agreements – Going through a divorce can be an emotionally agonizing experience for a family. By getting a family law attorney, you will have a mediator that has a thorough understanding of the law to assist you and approach the issue rationally. Similarly, couples can have issues in deciding how to take care of the children in the new arrangement. A skilled family lawyer can help you and your spouse in amending child custody agreements.
  • Handling property division, estates, and wills – Family law attorneys are experts at assisting people in drafting wills and managing property and other legal documents for a living or deceased member.
  • Handling prenuptial agreements – While the contents of a prenup agreement differ from one case to another, a family lawyer can help draft a prenup agreement and spell out the provisions of spousal support, division of the property in the event of a divorce, etc.

Scott J. Brook is a family law attorney in Coral Springs, FL, with a large base of clientele that can vouch for the quality of his services. Our attorney is an expert at protecting the interests of his clients and ensures timely resolution of disputes.

Family Law Attorney Coral Springs Fl

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