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Injury Lawyer Miami

Accidents happen quickly, and suddenly your life is changed completely. A serious accident can cause severe physical injuries and leave you with emotional scars. If you were hurt in an accident, you might need to undergo lengthy medical treatments, and complete recovery is uncertain. If you were hurt due to the negligence of another, that party should be held responsible for your damages. Damages include such things as current and future medical costs, lost wages if you were unable to work, and money for your pain and suffering. An experienced injury lawyer in Miami will help guide you through the legal process to get compensation for your injuries.

What are Common Injuries?

You could suffer serious or life-threatening injuries in an accident. Some of the most common injuries are neck injuries, back trauma, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, and broken bones. Depending on the type of injury, you could be facing weeks or months of medical care and rehabilitation. Some injuries are disabling, and the victim may never fully recover. It is essential to keep documents, medical records, and bills that prove your injuries and treatment. An injury lawyer in Miami will help to gather the data necessary to prove negligence and injuries in your case.

Accidents that Often Cause Injuries

Some types of collisions result in more severe injuries than others. Intersection accidents are very dangerous because one vehicle is often stopped while the other is moving quickly. A rear-end collision often results in whiplash. Whiplash is a condition of the neck and back that occurs when the body lunges forward and back in a whipping motion. Whiplash can be a long-term condition that takes many weeks or longer to heal. T-bone crashes happen when one vehicle slams directly into the side of the other. These types of accidents often cause head injuries and can crush the driver in a situation that requires the jaws of life.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

The law limits the time to file a claim following an accident or injury. This period is called the statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitations for most typical personal injury claims is four years, although there could be some exceptions. If you fail to file a claim within this time-frame, the court will not allow your case to proceed. It is best to contact a skilled injury lawyer in Miami as soon as possible following an accident. Your attorney needs to gather critical documentation and statements from witnesses, which will become more difficult as time passes.

Help from a Reputable Injury Lawyer in Miami

If you were hurt in an accident, don’t delay in seeking legal guidance. An injury lawyer in Miami will immediately begin to gather critical evidence that will be necessary in your case. The costs associated with medical care following an accident can be astronomical, and the negligent party should be required to pay for your damages. Contact our legal team at Kaire & Keffernan, LLC, for a free consultation.

Injury Lawyer Miami

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Injury Lawyer Miami

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