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For the leading Massage Envy lawsuit in Florida experts, you can turn to us at Adam Horowitz Law. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse at Massage Envy, you have legal options to explore. We are the best Florida Massage Envy lawsuit firm, as we know extensive information regarding the proceedings of the case.

You shouldn’t let your rights be trampled on when you have a team of professionals willing to go to bat for you. We can help you stand up for yourself and claim compensation for the crimes committed against you. There isn’t any shame associated with accepting financial compensation for sexual abuse and trauma.

 Exploring your potential legal outlets is a smart practice to ensure you make educated decisions regarding future matters. Sexual assault offenders should have to answer for the pain and suffering they have caused their victims.

Common Unreported Sexual Assaults

The most common types of unreported sexual assaults occur in spas, wellness centers, and massage therapy sessions. Victims assume that since they consented to a massage treatment that they have consented to be touched. Just because you give consent for someone to professionally massage you doesn’t mean you have given consent for sexual advances.

The lines of professionalism are clearly drawn for any Florida sexual abuse lawyer to see and understand. However, there are a few sick individuals who feel powerful when taking advantage of someone in a compromised or submissive situation. As a Massage Envy attorney, we define sexual misconduct in a massage setting as unwanted sexualized conduct that isn’t consensual. Our services can address the abuse of power in such situations, which can prevent future crimes. You can rely on our staff to listen closely to the details of your case and act supportive.

Placing Blame and Responsibility on Sexual Offenders

The blame and responsibility associated with sexual misconduct and assault rest solely on the shoulders of the offenders. No victim is to blame for any type of sexual assault or misconduct in any way, shape, or form. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Adam Horowitz Law. Our team can discuss your options and provide you guidance.

The sensitive approach of our team is what allows us to stand out as service providers. We believe in taking smart actions to achieve favorable outcomes. Our firm can connect you with an expert Massage Envy lawyer in Florida that will fight for your rights. All client information is kept confidential and private under all circumstances, unless directed by a court of law.

Free Consultation for Stellar Services

You need a lawyer you can count on for support and understanding, especially in such sensitive legal cases. Sexual abuse victims should step forward and contact our team at Adam Horowitz Law. Contact our law firm to receive a free consultation without any obligation at 1-888-283-9922. The details of your case will be reviewed in real time to provide our professional opinion and recommendations.

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