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Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma

Do you know what you should do beyond call 911 after a car accident? You may do your best not to panic and wait for help but not understand which practice safeguards your long-term wellbeing. Our accident injury attorney in OK cares about your case even before you book a no-cost consultation. Use the following procedural tips to give yourself leverage for negotiations or the court case.

Step by Step of what to do following a personal injury accident

Protect the scene

You can prevent further contamination of the scene by setting indicators around the stage. Place hazard road signs at the front and back of the accident. Light the hazard light if the car is still in a decent condition.

Call the police

It is a wise choice to involve the authorities when the accident is beyond scratches and a minor bump. A police officer is an essential witness in a personal injury case. Learn how to obtain the police report and how the police could work with your Auto injury lawyer in OK for further help.

Make records

Tell the investigating officer what happened in the best possible way. Do not speculate or misstate the experience because it will not match that of an accident reconstructor. Additionally, do not state that you do not have injuries because some will manifest days after the impact.

Take pictures of the incident and make sure you capture all motors involved. Photograph possible injuries because they will support the medical report in court.

Seek medical attention

Typically, the police team will have an accompanying medical team on the site. Do not insist on going home if the doctor determines you need a checkup or stay at the hospital. This case is because minor accidents can cause a significant impact on the spinal cord. Immediate rectification prevents severe behavioral and cognitive anomalies.

Meet the attorney

The most important requirement after handling the injuries is to find a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma. They will protect your rights and ensure you have enough evidence for the negotiation.

Our personal injury attorney in Oklahoma will advise on issues ranging from how to get full compensation to how you can afford to pay for the best medical treatment. Our job is to intervene as you work with the insurance company so that you have the best chance at a decent compensation.

What not to do following the accident

Victims are often in shock while the at-fault driver is equally shocked and unbelievably regretful. Each one’s attempt may be an overreaction that complicates the case. Here is what you should restrain from doing, whether you are at fault or the victim.

Leave the scene

This move interferes with evidence and raises questions about your responsibility in the accident. Most importantly, it leaves you with possible health complications due to invisible damage.

Share contact information

Do not share your personal details with the other driver. Add information about your attorney because we will mitigate any manipulations by their insurance firm.

Share the incident online

An accident requires as much discretion as most other cases. The opposing car accident attorney in Oklahoma could use the caption to reduce your compensation. Contact us for an immediate no-cost consultation and a prompt procession of all details.


Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma

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