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Slip And Fall Lawyer In Louisville

Chauncey R. Hiestand is a skilled slip and fall lawyer in Louisville with several years of experience handling personal injury cases. As one of the leading law firms in Louisville, at Winston & Hiestand Law Group, we make sure to help victims receive the justice and compensation they deserve with our impeccable legal representation. Here are the reasons to hire a slip and fall accidents attorney in Louisville:

  1. Professionalism and objective perspective

While you deal with the pain and treatment process after a slip and fall accident, the physical pain and mental trauma can prevent you from analyzing the case objectively. When you hire a Kentucky slip and fall accident lawyer, they will stick to the case’s facts and use their in-depth knowledge and experience to analyze your case from an objective perspective. They will work relentlessly to build a strong case in your favor while you rest and focus on the recovery process.

  1. Impeccable negotiation skills

Your defendant’s insurance adjuster will try hard to settle your claim as soon as possible and try to get away from making the lowest offer. An attorney will intimidate the insurance companies to play fair and help you receive the maximum compensation. Our Louisville personal injury lawyers possess several years of experience in handling slip and accident cases providing them with in-depth knowledge on the tricks of most insurance agencies. Our attorneys will look out for your best interest and make sure that your rights are always protected.

  1. Help with litigation

Filing a claim can involve filling out a ton of paperwork with complex legal jargon. Our attorney can help you understand the legal processes and procedures and assist you in every stage of your claim. If the at-fault party contests your compensation claim, your attorney can provide you with options for taking your case forward. Our Louisville slip and fall accident lawyer can offer top legal representation and help you get the most out of your claim.

  1. Securing evidence

To prove fault in any slip and fall accident claim and receive a reasonable settlement, you need compelling supporting evidence. Without proper evidence, it can be difficult to prove liability. Our slip and fall attorneys in Louisville, KY, can use their private team of investigators, gather valuable evidence, photos from the accident scene, testimonials from witnesses, video footage from security cameras, etc., to build a strong case in your favor. 

  1. Establish the value of damages and injuries

You cannot seek full and fair compensation unless you have an accurate estimate of the value of your injuries and property damages. Most states offer victims compensatory damages up to an amount equivalent to their losses. Our slip and fall attorneys can calculate your claim’s value and help you receive the maximum compensatory and punitive damages from the at-fault party.

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Slip And Fall Lawyer In Louisville

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