Truck Accident Attorney Houston

James at Lassiter Law Firm is a preeminent truck accident attorney in Houston with exceptional analytical and negotiation skills. James takes care of everything for his clients, from estimating the worth of the damages and injuries to helping clients getting favorable case outcomes.

Why to hire a truck accident attorney in Houston

When trying to sue a trucking company, you may be the underdog, and the former could take advantage of your situation. The insurance adjusters can take you for a ride and cause you to settle for a claim that is several folds smaller than your case’s actual value.

Having an expert by your side can protect you from the tricks played by the trucking and the insurance companies and ensure a reasonable compensation for your losses and injuries. Besides, an attorney can focus on the legal aspects while you’re taking the time to heal and recover from the physical and emotional trauma.

Can trucking companies avoid liability?

Trucking companies try to be on the safe side by distancing themselves from the driver, the vehicle, and the equipment. While they obtain the necessary permits to operate the truck, they do not own the tractor or the equipment used to haul goods. Trucking companies rent or lease the equipment and the trailer/tractor from a third party (owner/operator). They also try to play it safe by hiring the drivers as independent contractors from a different owner/operator.

If the trailer withstands an accident, trucking companies try to elude liability by arguing that the driver is not their employee or stating that they do not own the equipment. Fortunately, the federal law states that the company that owns the trucking permit or has its placard displayed on the vehicle is responsible for all accidents. Nevertheless, you must hire a skilled attorney to represent you in a truck accident case to optimize your chances of reaching a favorable outcome.

Mistakes to avoid after a trucking accident

A single wrong move after a truck accident could jeopardize the payout you could receive for your injuries and losses. While the aftermath of a trucking accident can be intimidating and stressful, it is critical that you remain cautious and not make any of these common mistakes:

  1. Failing to call the police – Regardless of how simple your crash is, make sure to call the authorities to file a report. Calling the police creates a record of what happened and acts as impartial evidence to the case.
  2. Forgetting to document the accident – Take photos of both the vehicles involved in the accident, the road where it happened, and your injuries. You must collect and preserve all the medical bills and treatment records.
  3. Choosing to handle your case on your own – It is the gravest mistake attempted by most claimants of personal injury claims. Recovering compensation in a trucking accident claim involves skilled work and requires the expertise of a seasoned attorney.

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