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Are you looking for a lawyer who can give you sound legal advice or represent you in a civil case in a court of law? Choosing one can be difficult, not because there’s a lack of Virgin Islands attorneys, but due to the many options available. So, before you begin your search, remember that no two lawyers are the same. Each has their own strengths, and some are more qualified to handle your legal concerns than others. As such, do your research before hiring an attorney to ensure you have the best on your side.

At McChain Hamm & Associates, we have the finest Virgin Islands attorneys who’ve served the community around us for years. We have a deep understanding of the different laws in the United States Virgin Islands, enabling us to work as a full-service premier law firm.

Our Law Firm and Story

Since 1988, we’ve been offering a range of legal services to our clients in the Virgin Islands. All our St. Croix lawyers are licensed to practice here, and at least one other state in the U.S. Being admitted to the bar in one other state has given us a profound perspective of U.S. laws, which has enriched our skills and experience.

Our firm was founded by prominent lawyers with years of experience. Founding partner Donovan M. Hamm moved to St. Croix in 1992 and practiced law here for 27 years. Before forming McChain Hamm & Associates, Attorney Hamm worked as an adjunct professor of law and a managing partner at an accomplished firm. He brought his experience to the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he was instrumental in establishing our prestigious firm.

Over the years, we’ve ensured we retain a team of only the most qualified attorneys at our firm. We maintain a culture of excellence and innovation that allows us to form lasting relationships with our clients. Our best Virgin Islands lawyers adopt a one-on-one approach to every case to cater to the needs of our clients.

Our Background and Record

Our firm is located in Christiansted, on the northern shore of St. Croix. From here, we help the residents of the Virgin Islands to run their businesses smoothly and navigate legal issues in their families or workplaces. We derive our inspiration from the community around us and are committed to finding custom solutions for our clients.

It’s hard to find VI lawyers and law firms with teams with diverse backgrounds like ours. Our attorneys studied in some of the most prestigious law schools in the United States. Consequently, they gained extensive experience in legal positions abroad. Our lawyers also have undergraduate degrees in distinct areas, creating a pool of experts in our firm that work together to deliver best-in-class solutions.

We have a record of being one of the few law firms in St Croix Virgin Islands that readily takes on complex legal issues and high conflict situations. We’ve proven to be capable of delivering extraordinary outcomes in high stake situations, and we’re eager to maintain the pace.

A Law Firm with a Difference

At McChain Hamm & Associates, we’re not just here to make business from your legal predicaments. We genuinely care about your legal concerns, and we’ll give you access to our top-of-the-line skills, talents, and experts. Our Virgin Islands attorneys have diligently served others to provide ideal solutions, and we’ll do the same for you. Contact us today for a free expert legal consultation: 340-773-6955.


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Virgin Islands Attorneys

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